Tuesday 12.05.17

1. In teams of 3 (12 min cap)
50 thrusters, 115/75
40 T2B
40 thrusters, 115/75
30 T2B
30 thrusters, 115/75
20 T2B
*6 lateral bar burpee penalty if barbell touches floor. Barbell may touch floor once thruster set is completed.

2. cash out – sled drags

Box Brief

Friday, Dec 8th – Ugly Sweater Holiday Bash, 6PM-11PM at Chino CrossFit. Join us in a night of celebration, food, fun, games, and prizes.  Bring your favorite appetizer or side dish to share. Family and friends welcome. Jumper for the kids. RSVP karen@chino-crossfit.com

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