"When I walked into Chino CrossFit in August 2012, I had no idea what type of gym it was or how it operated."


I was debilitated and attempting unsuccessfully to recover my mobility lost because of a disease and hospitalization a year ago. I was losing the ability to walk without a cane, and was willing to try one gym or many to find a way to reverse this trend.

That’s when I met the owner, Gabriel, and we came to an agreement and I showed up the next day for my first elements class.
It soon was apparent that I was incapable of doing many things the other members were doing. But Gabriel modified my movements to elements I was capable of doing. I found myself moving again, and so I proceeded to do these movements as much as I possibly could. After a few weeks under the guidance of Gabriel, my mobility, balance, and flexibility improved dramatically that I no longer needing a cane to walk. One week later, I was able to run 200 meters, then increased the distance to 400 meters by week’s end.

One of my goals was to run 5k at the 1-year anniversary of my debilitating hospitalization. With my new found training, I appreciated a new energy that translated in my personal life as well as my professional world. After a 4 months of training, I not only run my first 5k run, but I also finished under the 1-hour cap I give myself, and with the support of the entire box! Upon completion of the run, I felt rejuvenated and 10 years younger. Once my fears were conquered, I redoubled my efforts to accomplish all the things my doctors advised me to do.

CrossFit has given me back the ability to move with confidence, attitude, and appreciation of life! I am 62 years old and would recommend the CrossFit experience to people of all ages no matter your athletic background or medical impairments. Gabriel has helped me eliminate the hurdles of my physical and medical limitations, in which they are non-existent to me and to him. I look forward to where CrossFit will take me in the next year!

Watch Warren conquer a heavy deadlift with easy, just 6 months after starting CrossFit – Click here for Video

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