Nicole Bohannon

"I am one of those people who has always struggled with my weight."

Nicole Bohannon

As a young child, I lived a very sedentary lifestyle and my family didn’t make the best food choices. And as the years passed, the weight packed on.

As a heavy student, I dreaded all forms of physical activity. I would frequently choose a nap after school over sports or extra curricular activities. This extreme fatigue continued into college, where the “freshman 15” turned into the “freshman 50+”.

At my heaviest, I weighed 261lbs. Then one day in early 2017 I decided to stop throwing myself a pity party and to do something about it. I put myself on a low carb diet (I suffer from a form of insulin resistance) and started watching the weight fall off. After a few months, I was able to loose around 30lbs. After losing that weight, I felt good, but also felt that something was missing. I knew I needed to now incorporate a form of fitness into my routine.
Having a connection to Chino Crossfit, I finally accepting his invitation to join them for a Saturday morning workout. I was eternally grateful for modifications because the things other people were doing looked very intimidating. Even with the modifications though, I still wanted to die! But one thing I couldn’t shake was the atmosphere surrounding the box. There is so much positivity and encouragement from others. Unlike other gyms there is no judgement here. No comparisons, no vulnerability, just hard work from everyone there.

For that reason, I decided to not give up on myself for once and joined the 8:30am Fit30 class. Four times a week, and the occasional Saturday morning, I work my butt off. And in the past 7 months, I’ve lost another 40lbs! Bringing my weight loss total to 72lbs! Off the scale, other improvements in my life since starting at CCF include an insane amount of energy throughout the day and an overall renewed sense of confidence. A confidence I have never felt before…Confidence to do those crazy things I saw people doing at my first workout! I still have work to do, but I wouldn’t choose to do it anywhere other than CCF!

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