"I would like to take this opportunity to share my success story with you…"


Paleo has seriously changed my life forever. I started my new lifestyle May 11, 2015. By the time the challenge ended on June 12, 2015 (my birthday) I lost 21 Ibs. I lost the weight without the assistance of any medical intervention. I learned about the paleo diet during a nutrition basics class facilitated by coach Karen. Later, coach Karen encouraged me to register for the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge. Without hesitation I agreed to participate in the challenge. I did my own research and started checking out the Lurong Living website to get more info. Eventually, I was convinced that Paleo is for me and that it will change my life, which, fortunately for me, it has. Another plus for me was that the challenge ended the day of my birthday. I figured following through and getting results would be the greatest gift to give myself.

My life before Paleo was seriously excruciating. Moving around, doing physical tasks really became very difficult. Socially, I did not gel anymore. Buying clothes really became a huge problem, as I was unable to find suitable clothes that I like and in my size. It was almost like as if I was collecting illnesses/conditions too; asthma, swollen ankles, high blood pressure, depression, headaches, and acne just to mention a few. When the opportunity to participate in CrossFit came my way I hesitantly took the leap of faith. I started participating in crossfit 4 days/week in February 2015. I was working very hard, but only seeing little improvement. I decided I needed to step it up and take things to the next level. I knew that my diet needed to change, but wasn’t quite sure how to change it.

Today I realize that Paleo eating is the answer. Since starting this challenge my entire mindset has changed. I have mental and physical goals. The Paleo lifestyle has enabled me to focus on those goals. There were other things that I did that helped me stay the course. Coach Karen gave me an audio book called The Compound Affect. I listened to this motivational audio book while in my car on a daily basis. There were days when I was tired and wanted to give up, but the audio book kept me grounded. I also kept my distance from people that would distract me or get me caught up making poor health choices. I meal prepped, started going to the fresh produce and butcher 2-3x/week, kept Paleo snacks and water on standby at all times. Furthermore, I started hanging out at nutrition and sports stores for motivation. Doing all of this kept me focused.

Since starting the Lurong Challenge on May 11, 2015, I am a completely different person. My social circle has grown from just a handful of friends to many. All of my past daily illnesses/conditions have subsided. Asthma symptoms are minimal and my ankles don’t swell. My blood pressure is normal. No acne… And I don’t have headaches. Most importantly, depression is no longer present. My mindset about health and food has changed completely. I am advocating paleo on a daily basis, motivating people to follow my lead and paleo. Paleo is not a complex lifestyle and really easy to follow. I want to thank Chino CrossFit and Lurong Living for providing this opportunity to make healthy changes in my life. Thank you for letting me share my story. I hope that it will motivate and encourage other people.


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