Jennifer Stewart

"CrossFit gave me the tools for life"

Jennifer Stewart

When I first joined Chino Crossfit and began to read more about the Crossfit world, I would often hear people say, “Crossfit changed my life!” In those first few weeks and months of gut-wrenching workouts, I didn’t get it. At all. I felt insane to actually be paying to be tortured….especially when I kept coming back for more! I started Crossfit out of shape, with nagging major and minor health problems, and afraid that my work as midwife would soon suffer because of my increasing inability to handle the erratic schedule and long nights that often come with the job. I was an embarrassing pushing-200-pounds. I felt stuck, having failed at careful diets, attempts to exercise, and completely lacking success in the past at keeping weight off once I did lose it.

But that all started to change. I swelled with internal pride when I was still standing after those first two weeks. I grinned when I ran a little further, lifted a little heavier, squatted a little more perfectly, and did more reps in a row than I had done the week before. I started watching pounds, then inches, melt away. The expenses started mounting as I went down one, then two, then FOUR pant sizes, and had to replace every article of clothing that I owned! I realized that I slept better, had so much more energy, walked with a spring in my step, and pretty much felt invincible!

In September 2012, I signed up for the Whole Life Challenge, an 8-week lifestyle change that would eliminate all sugar, grains, and dairy (except for butter) from my diet. Before this, I could never make that big of a jump in my already healthy eating habits. But since starting Crossfit, I knew I could do anything, so I entered the challenge without fear. After all, it was only 8 weeks…..56 days….1,344 hours….right? My results? I lost another pant and skirt size. I saw stomach muscles appear that I didn’t know existed. I found out I had ribs that could actually be visible. Who knew?? My body happily adjusted and adapted to the new changes, and I realized I could never go back to how I did things before.

I proudly join the forces and say, “Crossfit changed my life!” I learned how to always keep a workout interesting, even if it’s a backyard WOD. I learned what movements my body could handle, and what was too much of a stress. I learned that I was happiest pushing myself to beat myself, rather than focusing on anyone else, and that there was great satisfaction from setting a hard goal and being able to say, “I did it!”

I discovered the tools that work for ME – I can’t eat grains, except for corn. Sugar is best eaten once a week at most. Fermented dairy products are the only ones my body processes well. I perform best on a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. I need to workout at least three times a week to properly maintain, and keep my body, mind, and emotions in balance.

I have learned that I’m stronger than I thought, that any impossible mountain can be climbed one step at a time, and that there is a thrill with meeting a new challenge or adventure with a “yes I can!” attitude…and then doing it. I lost 5 pant sizes, 3 dress sizes, 40 pounds, and 18″. I gained a lifestyle that will be with me for a very long time, and that I can use to help, encourage, and educate others on their journeys.

Thank you Chino Crossfit!
Jennifer Stewart

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