"I discovered CHINO CROSSFIT when it first open in 2010."


At first when I spoke to Gabriel (coach and owner) regarding the type of gym he was opening I really didn’t think it was a place I would enjoy.

The first day I walked into the BOX and tried my first WOD(workout of the day) in that moment my whole life changed. I was no longer in a traditional gym I was a part of a community, a family nothing but positive people that were there in the box trying to accomplish the same thing I was. It took a short time to get used to the lingual that is use by cross fit, once I heard it a few times I was a pro and understood what was asked of me to do. My body would ache everyday but with all the soreness I knew something was going on within myself.

Confidence,strength, and commitment, but most of all I knew my time at the box was never a waste of time.

Thank you, Karen and Gabriel for all you do for your members of the BOX.  – Alma

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