Seansen Mejia


Just over a year ago I was 170 lbs. at 5ft 4in., having such an active family made it hard for me to keep up. After being told by my doctor and family that I needed to loose weight, I knew I needed to start taking better care of myself. My feet would hurt all the time, I constantly had headaches, I was depressed and I had little to no confidence. My sister was trying to get me to start working out with her. At first I was very skeptical to go to a gym, but my sister convinced me. So we went and signed up together, but every time I walked in I was always uncomfortable, which made it even harder to go.
After about seven months I noticed I was stronger but my body hadn’t changed much. I was loosing weight but I wasn’t achieving my goals. Which lead me to loose the desire to go to the gym. After one night talking to my friend Theresa, who was already a member of CCF, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try something new.
After only the first couple weeks I knew I had to sign up after my groupon expired. From the very beginning I felt right at home. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I’ve only been with CCF for about 3 months and not only have I gotten stronger, but my body has dramatically changed. In May I signed up for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. This is where I changed my eating habits, and learned about healthy eating. Since then I have continued to eat healthy, and any time I get a chance I try to show people how eating healthy can change your entire life, one meal at a time.
Since the day I signed up, Crossfit has become such an important part of my life. Not only because of the great coaches or workouts, but because of the great people I have met while here. Not only have my headaches subsided, my feet no longer bother me but most importantly, my mentality has totally changed. Every day that passes I gain more and more confidence in myself, and depression is no longer an issue. In making the decision to better myself in the past 3 months I have lost a little over 15 lbs, for a total weight loss of 40 lbs.
Every morning when I go into the box I look at the Crossfit Woman’s Creed and smile. I am very proud to say that Chino Crossfit is my box. I don’t think I could be where I am today if it wasn’t for Coach Karen, Gabe and Matt pushing me to limits I never thought possible.
I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say “because of you I didn’t give up.”

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