Pee Wee Soccer Academy

This class will help kids, ages 3-6, get ready for soccer…and teaches basic soccer skills by storytelling with the use of an instructional ball with specific touchpoints. This soccer developmental program, is designed for both parents and kids to participate together in a step-by-step approach that builds confidece and self-esteem.

  • New session starting every 6 weeks for kids in Eastvale, Corona, Ontario, and Jurupa Valley area.
  • When: Wednesday Nights: 5:30pm-6:30pm (ages 2.5-3) / 6:30pm-7:30pm (ages 4-6)
  • Where: Deer Creek Park 6785 Iron Horse Lane Eastvale CA 92880
  • Cost: $70 (Eastvale residence) / $80 (non-residence), 6-week program
  • Register Online: search “peewee soccer” click here to register

Karate / Mix-Martial Arts

Kids, ages 6-12, will learn the art of self-defense, which improves coordination, self-confidence,discipline, respect, and good sportsmanship. Students will learn Kata (basic blocks, and punches), Sparring and staff (long stick) -combinations of self-defense techniques.


This class will teach students, ages 6-14, basic gymnastics skills and fundamentals. Classes will include a combination of basic rolls, variety of handstands, cartwheels, front/back handsprings, and much, much more. Fitness attire required.

Tumbling Tots Gymnastics

This class is a parent participation program that will teach your little one, ages 2-5, simple gymnastics rolls and jumps with an introduction to basic gymnastic elements in a fun and non-competitive environment,with an emphasis on body control, flexibility, and strength.

Little Ninja Karate

Kids, ages 2-5, will learn basic karate blocks, kicks, and punches in a fun and non-competitive environment. Class builds self-esteem, confidence, respect and develops leadership qualities. This class is designed for kids and parents to participate together.

For more information or to implement any of our youth enrichment programs in your school, please fill out our contact form or call Gabriel 909.203.0180.

Gabriel G. Garcia, Program Director

With 28 Years of Martial Arts Experience, Master Gabriel G. Garcia is 5th Degree Black-Belt Master, and founder of Team Pro Impact Karate & D.R.A.K.O.-a Mix-Martial Arts/ Karate Federation. During the 80’s he traveled extensively throughout the United States studying many different styles of Martial Arts. In keeping with American tradition, he took the best 5 martial arts forms and combined them into one new powerful and effective style known as Chi-Do-Kwon.

His background includes:

  • Child Development & Physical Education
  • USSF National Youth License
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Trainer
  • Co-Owner of Chino CrossFit, Head CrossFit Level I- Certified Trainer
  • Active Member of National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), US Youth Soccer Asssociation (USYSA), National Soccer Coaches of America Association (NSCAA), & Diversified Rating Authority Karate Organization (DRAKO)
  • Sport Fit, V.P. of Operations
  • Recreational Director, NISL Soccer Club

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