Monday 09.17.18

For time:
3 rounds
500m Row
9 dBall squats, 100/80
9 dBall cleans, 150/100
2 rounds
200m plate OH, 55/35
15 plate G2OH
12 plate OH walking lunges
9  burpees onto plate
1 round of Cindy
5  pull ups (Adv – Muscle ups, ring or bar)
10  push ups (Adv – HSPU)
15   air squats (Adv – dBall squats)

Happy Birthday Tony G. (9/15) and Coach Jesse Fonseca (9/16)


Thank you Judges and volunteers to helped in putting together a successful event at Goals Pomona this past weekend. We could not have done it without you. We are grateful and humbled of the support and generosity of our Tribe. Love you all!

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