10 things that will happen to you after you begin CrossFit

For those who are thinking about trying CrossFit and rewriting their own futures, below are the first ten things that will happen.

crossfit-box-jumps1. You will find out how truly out of shape you are.
2. You will realize how fat you and other regular people are compared to real athletes.
3. You will begin learning the lingo and using it without feeling like a dork: (ie WOD, kipping, Box)
4. Your friends and family will start Googling the term CrossFit and giving you warnings.
5. You will get insanely good at counting.
6. You’ll begin to respect endurance and stamina.
7. You will gain weight at first.
8. You’ll notice an uptick in energy, even when you’re dead sore from CrossFitting.
9. You will learn about your mental weakness.
10. You will learn a lot about your mental toughness.

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